The Summer Style Trends You Need To Know

The Summer Style Trends You Need To Know

Summer style in 2019 is all about sweet and sassy with some new age "vintage"  vibes.


Finally fun fashion is back, say goodbye to boring and hello (again) to tie-dye! Straight out of the 60s this style is back!
We saw tie dye all over the place starting this past Spring and it blew up in June for Pride Month. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get onboard for this trend yet there’s definitely still plenty of time, it will definitely make it’s way into our upcoming Fall and Winter wardrobes, and we couldn’t be happier about it!
It’s fun, it’s playful, it reminds us of good times not bad. Sure, maybe you can’t wear it everyday to the office but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw it on for the weekends - and feel oh so groovy, baby!
Jewelry Pairing Suggestion: Animal Pendant (Large)
This classic pendant is bold enough to stand alone on top of this colorful trend, where other jewelry might get lost in the bright and bold tie-dye colors and pattern. Not to mention that the tattoo-style imagery of the animal faces themselves is a throwback to the good times, a perfect complement for this vintage vibe.

Image via @morgan_lillian 

Image Via @loveshackfancy


Ruffled socks, lace details & pastel colors and textures are absolutely in. The best word to describe this look is “Kawaii.” (Japanese for cutesy, youthful, playful, and girly) It’s the best ways to describe this trend. I wish we had a more fitting word in English, but basically anything that you could dress up your baby doll in when you were 3 years old is a fashion staple this summer.
Jewelry Pairing Suggestion: Roar Pinky Ring
This heart-shaped ring is a perfect pair of romantic but bold. Plus this ring can be customized to say whatever you like, so that unlike these passing trends, it’s meaning to you will last forever and that’s what real jewelry is all about!


Color me crazy. Over the past year we’ve seen bold color-blocked tones mixed and matched for the first time in a while. 

Recently, the color love has gone a bit wild. Rather than wearing different solid color pieces mixed together, we’re seeing wild colors and patterns all 'clashing' on each item. Colorful patterns mix really well with each other but be careful not to pair them with simple black or too many neutrals. Rather than looking on-trend you’ll come off as someone who accidentally bought something bright and didn’t know how to style it. 

Jewelry Pairing Suggestion: Simple Signet Ring
To say this ring goes with everything is an understatement, which makes it perfect pairing for an over-the-top outfit. Not to mention its shiny round face will reflect the colors of your outfit and pull everything together.

Image via @somethingnavy

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