Our Ethos


Isa Foxx is a company that from its core believes in the inherent value of our materials beyond and the earth from which they are gathered. As such, our jewelry is the connection between you, the earth, and every hand in between, and we strive to rework traditional structures of sourcing and manufacture on every level of our business. 


Locally made, highest quality — Our jewelry is transparently handcrafted in New York City. We actively oversee how each piece of our jewelry is made, ensuring high quality, low-impact studio methods. Through the growth of long-term relationships, we give back to our local economy.

Low-impact practices — as a base practice, we design around low-impact materials as much as we possibly can. This means recycled diamonds and recycled gold as often as we can. No one is perfect and we believe in working towards as little impact as possible, which means that where there are gaps in these options (ie sourcing chains and findings), we choose partners who have the best possible practices within the parameters of the jewelry industry. These include fair labor and pricing standards, as well as well-researched, transparent communication practices.

Origin matters, positive impact — When sourcing new material, we’re passionate about transparency around working conditions at the source, because this allows us to actively rethink age-old colonial systems that left the people at the source of materials most vulnerable. We buy from the few pioneers of fairtrade gemstones in the industry, and they work directly with the miners to preserve the provenance of our jewelry and prioritize social development with the communities at the source.