Jewelry Dreams Come True

One thing I've always thought was funny about the jewelry industry is that people assume jewelry designers can do anything, make any wild jewelry dream they've had into a reality.

They're not wrong - nearly anything is possible if you're willing to put in the time and effort and to work with the guys behind the bench who really know what they're doing.

It always makes me think why don't we treat fashion or accessories in the same way? Can I just call my favorite runway designer and ask for anything that comes into my head? Please, tell me if that's possible because that would change everything... but I don't think it is! Somehow I think jewelry is special in that way.

Anyway, that's a whole other topic - I'm going to describe a fun custom job that I was asked to do. (I don't know why I just love making custom jewelry - something about knowing that people are investing in something with so much meaning really excites me.) I've actually done so many custom jewelry jobs at this point that I could make a mini-series on the topic! 

One woman, who's actually become a really good friend of mine, asked me to make her a bracelet to match her tattoo. Something that she could wear forever without worrying about taking it off or having it be delicate and snap off, like some thin bracelets do. The process for this bracelet took just about seven weeks from start to finish. (pictured below if you're eager to see the result.)

I began by asking for lots of pictures of her tattoo at different angles so that I could ensure my design proportions. Then I had multiple trips to review chain options and I sent over videos of the chains moving and dangling so she could really get a sense of what the options were. (That's important for people who aren't as familiar with jewelry because static images can be deceiving.) From there I got an understanding of the overall weight and feel that she was looking for. Given that this piece would be on her wrist forever (hopefully) I wanted it to be comfortable, durable but not ever in the way.

Once I started the production, from 3D model to casting and finishing I was totally confident that she would love what I'd made for her. No room for error when you're delivering something custom - it has to live up to the client's dreams!

I met up with her some months after shipping off her bracelet to find it happily at home on her wrist. Check it out below - one of my first custom jobs, and it's still one of my favorites for so many reasons.

See you soon! 

xo - Isa

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