The 2019 Luxury Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The 2019 Luxury Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I've pulled together something for everyone in this gift guide. Whether you send this guide on to your special somebody as a not-so-gentle hint or if you use it to pick something for yourself (my personal favorite way to celebrate the day of love is to TREAT MYSELF to something I might not otherwise buy, and for some reason my Valentine's Day gifts to myself are always my favorite and most cherished things!)



Proenza Schouler Tye Dye Tote bag ($1,390)

You don't need another black bag. You don't. You need somethig fun and springy to get you through the rest of February until the first of May! This bag will set you right on track. Proenza Sshouler is known for bright and fun colors as well as absolutely supple leather that lasts a lifetime.  



Broken Heart Jewelry ($425 - $1,250)

A piece of jewelry is my own favorite type of gift, especially for Valentine's Day, because it's the only category of gift that can be truly used and loved every single day. Unlike a bag or shoes that don't go with everything, jewelry can be worn boldly as a statement on top of your outfit, or tucked away underneith as a personal reminder of self-love. In the case of the Broken Heart on Valentine's Day, aside from it being the coolest thing I've seen in a while, it will remind you every day of your own power and strength, after all, you can't break a broken heart! 



Rimowa Luggage Carryon ($1,150)

Maybe it's because the winter is starting to drag on and I'm dreaming of a tropical vacation, but a great piece of luxurious luggage is something that will make travelling feel like such a pleasure. This is my favorite brand of suitcase, and let me tell you, even when I'm right in the middle of economy class, this luggage makes me feel like I'm jetting off private. 



Facial at Hey Day Spa ($95 -$140 *don't forget to tip your facialist generously!)

Every Valentine's Day (or usually the weekend right before it) I'll treat myself to a facial. Surprisingly, spa treatments aren't something I regularly do so having a little pre-Valentine's Day "I love myself" me time is the perfect way to kick off the holiday. 


I hope this guide has gotten you in the Valentine's Day mood! After all, it's your time to love yourself whole-heartedly and fearlessly. Whether you celebrate with a loved one, a family member, alone or with your best friends, don't forget to treat yourself to something lovely for the occasion. 

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