Stay On Your Game When You're Self-Employed (5 Fool Proof Tips)

Stay On Your Game When You're Self-Employed (5 Fool Proof Tips)

Starting a business is great for a lot of reasons, can you say SELF-EMPLOYED (!) but it's not easy to structure your days and stay productive without a boss or co-workers looking over your shoulder and without 'real' deadlines.  

Here are 5 ways to help you get going and keep going, every single day, when you're the boss, baby.
  1. write a to do list for the next day, the night before (this will remind you that there’s (a lot) more work to be done)
  2. Start the day with a “workday” routine like going to the gym or having the same breakfast every work day. This will “prime” your mind for the routine of working and get you into a regular routine / mentality about working
  3. Schedule a few meetings a week (at least) - structuring your days around meetings will force you to prioritize certain tasks and will force you to get dressed and ready for the day, every day rather than falling into the habit of working in your PJs and not “getting out there” enough.
  4. Have a real, dedicated, office space set up. Whether it be in your apartment or home, or in a shared co-working space or club (like The Wing)
  5. Know when to take time for yourself, whether that means going out and being social or just resting on your own. The best way to not burn out, or become resentful / frustrated with your projects is to take time off. All the way off. Give your mind and body a break at least once a week! 
Mar 28, 2019

Love it!! Great tips which I’m going to try and implement in my day to day life.


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