2 Badass Influencers You Need to Follow

2 Badass Influencers You Need to Follow

Pictured: Caroline Vreeland @carolinevreeland

BOLD is back, baby.

Minimalism is still en vogue for interior design but fashion, makeup and jewelry trends have taken a turn for the wild. More is more. More fun, more feeling, more passion, more individuality.

Recently my obsession comes in the human forms of Caroline Vreeland and 'Sunny Soofiani'. Sure, they're both stunning on the outside, but what counts more is that they're UNAPOLOGETICALLY true to themselves. Whether its overt sexuality and dismantling the idea that showing off your body and being proud of yourself is either for, the self absorbed, or the unaware, or being crazy and unexpected with fashion and makeup, we want everything we do to scream WHO CARES WHAT I DO IT'S MY LIFE. So a big tip of the hat to these girls who are leading the way and influencing a generation to do more, and be more themselves than ever.

Make your IG more extra, not less. My personal rule is easy to implement, immediately unfollow anyone who posts a "candid" picture of Chanel bag "spilling out" on a marble table with a lip gloss, sunglasses, and car keys visible. This might seem like a very small category, but you'd be surprised how many times you'll see this picture. Your Instagram will thank me!

Other ways to be extra? My favorite way is to layer up those gold rings. After all, you can never have too much gold! Literally, never.

Stay happy! Stay wild!

Pictured: 'sunny soofiani' @sunnysoofiani

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