Stone & Relic

by Jowell

 Hand crafted in Los Angeles, California the Stone & Relic by Jowell Collection comes to Isa Foxx.
 Swords, snakes, hearts and more. Stone and Relic is wickedly wild and beautiful. They’re each ‘perfectly imperfect’ because each piece features a unique and unusual stone, which is chosen for the powerful feeling that it holds. Surrounding each stone is a unique design made of solid 14k yellow gold and diamonds.


So What's The Story?

 I met Jowell on a summer afternoon in the Los Angeles Jewelry District and was completely floored by her designs. Originally, I had set out to find loose stones, unique hand-made gold chain and whatever other findings I could take back from LA to NYC and use for my pieces. Instead, I found Stone & Relic by Jowell tucked away, waiting for its chance to shine.
 Immediately a salt-and-pepper heart shaped diamond caught my eye. A bright yellow sword was ‘puncturing’ the stone and a dark red garnet ‘drop of blood’ dangled from it creating a crazy beautiful pendant that could make a librarian look cool. The rest was history.
The best part about every single one of these pieces is that they're entirely one of a kind. For the women who want to be a little bit different - rest assured that no one in the world will be wearing the same jewelry. Jowell is constantly searching the unique Los Angeles stone and gem marketplace for the most special stones to use in her designs.
All of that led to the moment that Isa Foxx partnered up with Stone & Relic and we can’t wait to show you all of these beautiful pieces.