Our Design Philosophy

What inspires Isa Foxx's unique designs?

Sometimes designs come from dreams remembered and sketched first thing after waking, like the original Fang Ring, which came from a dream involving a dimly lit corridor, filled with loud music and an all black denim and leather outfit. Nothing was entirely clear other than the feeling of mystery and excitement. A golden Fang Ring clearly on the finger of the woman walking through it - unbothered by her ominous surroundings. Other designs come from real people that Isabelle has met who each so clearly embody an animal. She's designed many of the animals, like the owl and the elephant specifically for friends and eventually made the designs part of the permanent collection.

Why does our design process make us different?


 Did you know that most designers and brands don’t actually make their own designs in-house? Most of the time they’ll hire external CAD designers to create their pieces in 3D before casting them in silver, gold, platinum.
At Isa Foxx, we like to do things differently. Before founding the brand in 2017, Isabelle set out to master 3D CAD rendering so that she could always create and control the entire design process.
Not only does this ensure that every design is entirely original but it also allows us to reduce our expenses on the design side without having to cut back on any of the quality and weight of our jewelry.