Founded in 2017, Isa Foxx is a brand that combines real, heavy solid gold with some very powerful meanings to match. From signature pieces like the wild animal signet rings and the iconic Isa Foxx Fang Ring to custom pieces made just for you, Isabelle puts her heart and soul into every single piece, big or small. 

Not to mention each one of her designs is head-turning, attention grabbing cool, but we care so much more than just about the aesthetics of our gold.

We believe jewelry should last a lifetime, not break or get lost like so much of the jewelry that is made by other gold brands. Seriously, minimal might be fun for a while but it won't last long - the trend or the piece. We believe that you should only spend money on jewelry that LASTS! Our extremely solid designs and dedicated craftsmanship ensures that your pieces will keep going strong year after year.
Every single piece of jewelry is made in NYC by a team of artisans and checked meticulously by our founder and designer, Isabelle. Having the pieces made locally is crucial to us because not only does it support the local economy but its far more sustainable and better for the environment than producing overseas by unseen workers and shipped across the ocean! Every year, Isabelle seeks to further reduce the environmental footprint of her brands whether it means sourcing sustainable, biodegradable packaging or working directly with the gold refiners and casters to ensure that, as much as is possible, the gold used is recycled and / or coming from safe, sustainable mines.