Isa Foxx is jewelry made to make you feel different. No design is created unless Isabelle feels that there is real style and meaning within it. 

At its core, every individual design evokes passion and power. It’s up to you to discover which pieces have meaning for you.




Made by a team of artisans in NYC, the quality and value of each piece is of the utmost importance to us. Despite the pressure to move production overseas, we believe that having everything produced locally is integral to our values.

Leaving nothing to chance, all aspects of the process from conception and design to production are entirely executed and overseen by Isabelle herself. This way we are able to ensure that the highest standards of ethics and quality are continually practiced.





You‘ll notice that our jewelry isn‘t like the other contemporary designers out there. That‘s because we don't skimp on the gold. visible, durable, and cool are the word we choose to live and design by.

Rather than making overly thin jewelry, which is easily lost or broken, we push back against that standard to bring you pieces with meaning that will last a lifetime (or more!)


We also believe tremendously in ethical jewelry making and sourcing of materials. To learn more click here.