About Us

Founded in 2017, Isa Foxx is a brand that combines real, heavy solid gold with some very powerful meanings to match. From signature pieces like the wild animal signet rings and the iconic Isa Foxx Fang Ring, Isabelle our designer and founder puts her heart and soul into every single piece, big or small.

Not to mention each one of her designs is head-turning, attention grabbing cool, but we care so much more than just about the aesthetics of our gold. Read on to get to know the 6 pillars of Isa Foxx!


For ages, humans search for personal meaning, and have found that jewelry provides a form of real self-representation.

Isa Foxx seeks to take this unique power of expression by jewelry one step further by designing pieces that truly encourage thought, meaning and strength for the wearer. Whether it be the animal collection, which can remind you of a wild animal that guides your intentions and motivation or the Broken Heart, which serve as a reminder to put yourself first and stay strong throughout hardship. We want everything we make to bring you lifelong meaning.


We believe jewelry should last a lifetime, not break or get lost like so much of the jewelry that is sold online. That's why we use heavy chain, and hand craftsman who create every piece with expertise (and check it twice) to ensure that our client's get their money's worth. Seriously, minimal might be fun for a while but it doesn't last long - the trend nor the piece. We believe that you should only spend money on jewelry that truly lasts.

Our extremely solid designs and dedicated craftsmanship ensures that your pieces will keep going strong year after year.


Since its inception, we are a brand rooted in the idea that energy can come both from inside of us and from outside. This is why we strive to use as much recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones as possible. The things, like jewelry, that we choose to buy and wear hold their own energies that come from the materials they are made of, and the way they are produced. Isa Foxx jewelry is committed to having our jewelry be as high and positive energy as possible by being made ethically and locally in NYC with love.


Every single piece of Isa Foxx jewelry is made in NYC by a team of hand-chosen artisans. Further, each piece is individually checked meticulously by our founder and designer, Isabelle at each step of the way from wax print, to 3D print, to casting in gold and after finishing. Having the pieces made locally is crucial to our brand because not only does it support the local economy but its far more sustainable and better for the environment than producing overseas by unseen workers and shipped across the ocean! Every year, Isabelle seeks to further reduce the environmental footprint of her brand, one step at a time!


It is our intention to remind each person who wears Isa Foxx jewelry of their innate potential—their infinite strength, their boundless capacity for love and their inner power. However you have come to Isa Foxx Jewelry—whether you choose it for yourself or have had it gifted to you by someone else— we always hope that it is worn as an act of empowerment. Each piece should act as a reminder that you can be and achieve anything. (Isabelle regularly rotates between the large tiger pendant and large wolf pendant because she finds that, personally, they empower her the most!)


Isa Foxx is designed for everyone. Women and men alike. You'll notice that our jewelry is clean-lined and androgynous. It can be worn with any type of outfit, look or vibe it isn't constraining like some of the older brands, which cater specifically to one outdated look. No matter who you are, Isa Foxx jewelry can transform the representation of your outfit through gold, and grant you the self expression to be whoever and whatever you want. It is our intention to make everyone feel not only welcome but appreciated when they shop our pieces.

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